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The Writing Pros
Dr. Reyna Answers Your Questions ...

Q:  What makes your writing service different from others out there?

Many other “writing experts” farm out their work to college students, recent college grads, or other people who are little more than relatively-inexperienced tutors working part-time until something else comes along. Because TheWritingPros.com is my company, and I take great personal pride in it, I do much of the work myself, and my credentials trump those of my competitors. I invite you to call up other “writing services” and compare their qualifications to mine.

Q:  What is your company’s mission?

To help as many people as possible be successful in reaching their academic and professional goals.

In our complex, competitive society, communication skills are so important, and writing skills are more important than ever. Think of how technology is so prevalent in all facets of life. Whatever appears on a computer screen had to be written by someone. Writing is all around us.

My personal and professional goals are to help people discover and develop communication skills they didn’t know they had…or could have. That’s why I like to work personally with my clients. Your success is my success: I care about you and your project. I want you to feel good about your finished product and about attaining your goals!
Q:  So, what are your qualifications?

I’ve been deeply involved with writing of all different kinds and helping others to write better for over 35 years. This has been my life’s work as a professional and my heart’s desire. I hold 4 university degrees, including a Master’s in English and Writing, and a Ph.D. from UCLA in administration/leadership.

I’m also a part-time university professor at two major universities. I teach at the graduate level and am very experienced with what a university essay, research paper, Master’s thesis, and doctoral dissertation require. A number of my clients are university students with strict deadlines!

In addition, I’m a book author myself. My book, The Heavens Weep for Us and Other Stories, has received positive reviews. Editing book manuscripts is one of the services I provide.
Q:  What are some recent writing projects you’ve worked on?
  • A grant proposal, as well as the “treatment”—or full synopsis of this film—for an independent film-maker’s full-length documentary. The film-maker won a grant to do the film.
  • A university center’s newsletter
  • Several book manuscripts
  • Numerous Master’s theses
  • Professional résumés and cover letters
  • Publicity/press releases
  • Magazine article (for an e-zine)
  • Numerous graduate-level research papers
  • University literature essays
  • Documentation regarding legal issues (complaints and petitions).
Q:  Ethically, how do you work with university students’ papers?

Honesty is very important to my company and me.  In other “writing services,” the “experts” do the writing themselves and are basically “selling papers.” Instead of this approach, I work one-on-one in person with each student. Of course, if the client lives too far away and we cannot meet in person, we establish this collaboration via phone and emails with documents attached.

The student himself or herself writes the product or begins the writing process. I coach him or her through the process, revising together, advising about the format and organization of the written project, editing and proofreading, and closely collaborating with the student until the project is completed.

Q:  Can a client just hand you a project and you do all of it yourself?

Of course. My practice with students is not to “just sell papers.” That’s dishonest. With all other professionals, yes, once I consult with the client and hear the specific writing needs, I run with it! I’m a fast writer, and I meet deadlines.

Q:  Have you ever had your own writing published?

Yes, and that’s something else that separates me from many of my competitors. In addition to my book mentioned above, I’ve published other short stories, poems, my doctoral dissertation, personal essays, opinion essays in local media, pedagogical (teaching-related) articles, and many press releases. I have two literary web sites and am a Guest Blogger on two other sites. In other words, I’m a practicing writer!

Q:  Have you helped others publish their writing?

Before I started TheWritingPros, I edited a number of other book-length manuscripts, three of which were successfully published (two nonfiction and one novel). I’ve also edited a number of scholarly research manuscripts that were published in academic journals. I am currently working with two writers on their book projects and hope to pick up more book projects in the near future.

Q:  Are your clients all local or people living near your city?  

No. I’ve worked with clients in Taiwan, China, New York, Chicago, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Northern California. Though I prefer to meet personally with my clients if possible, my company’s format allows me to do long-distance work without face-to-face meetings and yet still customize the product to the client.

Q: What are your fees?
Dramatically lower than my competitors’ fees!  [See my rates on this website.]
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