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Dear Reader amd Clients :

These are tough economic times ...

Although many millions of Americans have lost their jobs, forecasters say that many more will follow. My home state, California, has been hit especially hard, with over 11% unemployment as of today. All of us are impacted in one way or another, even those of us who still have employment.

But multitudes of Americans are having to “re-invent” themselves because their previous line of work no longer exists, or because their line of work is about to be phased out. CHANGE IS VERY DIFFICULT, even under the best of circumstances. Having to change our livelihood is devastating for many people.

Now more than ever, with competition for jobs so stiff, it is important to have a strong résumé and cover letter ( never have one without the other! ). I’m here to help you with that in the following ways:

  • I’ll create a strong, quality, customized résumé and cover letter for you with a fast turnaround time.

  • I charge significantly lower fees for doing this than almost all other reputable companies.

  • I have flexible payment plans that can help you get what you need now even if you can’t pay the entire amount all at once. No other reputable résumé-writing company that I know of does this.

  • I can provide references [ read the testimonials on this website first ] to assure you that you will receive courteous, professional, caring service in these very difficult times.

So, please feel free to call on me to help you
GET BACK IN THE JOB MARKET. I look forward to helping you get back on your feet! Best wishes to you, and please don’t lose your spirit.


Thelma T. Reyna

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